Briefly in English

SKM-Asennus Oy was founded in 1994 in Tampere Finland. SKM-Asennus mainly operates in Pirkanmaa. SKM-Asennus does electrical installations from switch change to designing and installations in large real estate projects. Our customers are construction firms, public organisations, companies and individuals.

We offer electrical installations, maintenance, measurement and designing. We have also knowledge and services for fiber-, IT- and antenna-systems.

Customer Projects
Clean rooms:
  • Avangard 1600 m2 designing, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • ONCOS THERAPEUTICS, Helsinki, Finland
  • CYTOMED Ltd, Imatra Finland
  • FIN SENTER Nanolab, Borre Norway
  • Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Göteborg Sweden
The new residential buildings:
  •   Nekalan Kotilinna 2.palvelutalo
  •   Huikkaan Kotilinna palvelutalo
  •   As Oy Solaris
  •   TA ASO Oy Keskuskatu 36 A
  •   As Oy Lempäälän Tikanhovi
  •   As Oy Tampereen Metsäkeiju
  •   SATO Tieteenkatu 14
Property Renovations
  •   TOAS Paawola
  •   As Oy Sammonkatu 43, telesaneeraus
  •   As Oy Pirttilä
  •   As Oy Sammonkartano
Office and business buildings:
  •    ELISA-Shop Tampere
  •    Tampereen pienteollisuustalo Building 7 (renovation)
  •    Hotelli Ilves Ballroom
  •    SALE Osmonmäki
  •    TTY Sähkötalo osa 1 clean rooms
Industrial buildings:
  •    Koy Marjamäen Mäkikulma
  •   Taerosol Oy Tuotantotilat
  •    Koy Elovainionsuora